Celebrating 95 years of C&C

In late 2021 and early 2022, C&C celebrated its 95th anniversary. It was in late 1926 that Mrs Chesterton held a meeting to discuss inner-London refuges for women, the money raised from which helped to create Cecil Homes.

To celebrate our anniversary, a 95 year timeline and several articles were created to look back on our history and interview some current residents who are (at least) the same age as C&C. You can find these at the below links:

95 year timeline

Resident blog: Annie Jones, Philip House

Resident blog: Audrey Ahmed, Homemead

Famous places from C&C's past: The first Cecil House

Famous faces from C&C's past: Ada Chesterton

Famous faces from C&C's past: Lord Harold Samuel

Famous faces from C&C's past: Marjorie Rackstraw

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