Anti social behaviour

Anti social behaviour

Anti social Behaviour

Anti-social Behaviour Respect Line

On Wednesday 1st August C&C became a member of a dedicated anti-social behaviour (ASB) call centre.

The anti-social behaviour respect line provides support to you if you experience an ASB incident outside of office hours (5pm-9am Monday-Friday and all day on weekends). The respect line takes full details of any ASB event, signposting you to relevant support services. They also contact the Police or environmental health team on your behalf if you prefer. Wherever appropriate, the team can make a “call back” to you. They will also provide a full report on the incident and send it to C&C staff.

The ASB respect line number is 0800 075 66 99.


Dealing with Ant-social Behaviour

C&C recognises that anti-social behaviour has a serious impact on the quality of life of residents and the local community. Anti-social behaviour (ASB) is not tolerated at any of our schemes and we will seek to ensure that residents and neighbours are not subject to antisocial behaviour. Where such behaviour occurs we will investigate all occurrences, objectively and impartially and will seek to resolve all instances with a multi agency approach.

If a neighbour is causing a nuisance:

  • You should talk to them, if possible, in the first instance
  • Explain politely that their behaviour is causing a problem
  • Be quite sure why you are making the complaint and that you are not overreacting to a situation which many people would find acceptable
  • If taking to the person does not solve the problem, please contact your scheme manager or customer liaison officer in the first instance
  • You or someone acting for you, may complain to us in person, over the phone or in writing


Responding to Anti-social Behaviour

  • C&C will respond as quickly as possible to all complaints of nuisance and anti social behaviour
  •  C&C will write to you to acknowledge your complaint and arrange a meeting 

 Central & Cecil will thoroughly and fairly investigates all aspects of ASB and will enforce breaches of tenancy conditions, where ASB is evident, by:

  • applying repossession proceedings and evicting the perpetrator(s)
  • serving of injunctions on the perpetrator (s)
  • offering professional mediation services to the parties concerned
  • Co-operating with the relevant statutory authorities (Police or Local Authority) 
  • Obtaining an Anti-social Behaviour Order.
  • Supporting complainants by obtaining independent advice, witness support and the use of professional witnesses where appropriate


C&C recognises that one of the most effective ways to tackle anti-social behaviour is to take a preventative and supportive approach which discourages anti-social behaviour. We will take a range of preventative measures including: 

  • Appropriate lettings in accordance with allocation strategies, including early tenancy support and sensitive lets where appropriate
  •  Clear messages at sign up
  • Diversionary schemes
  • Multi Agency Partnerships
  • Good Neighbour and Tenancy Agreements
  • CCTV
  • Security improvements
  • Working with our partners to ensure successful Community cohesion
  • Support services
  • Positive messages about people from diverse backgrounds
  • Publicity from successful cases (both internal and external)
  • Ensuring that information is accessible to all communities (e.g. translations etc)

You can access a copy of our Anti social behaviour policy and procedure on this website