C&C Arts & Events

An established and diverse programme of free activities for our residents has continued across C&C’s housing schemes and care homes. 

In line with residents’ requests, we have provided regular classes in our housing schemes, including creative arts, fitness and holistic therapy activities.

Last year, an exciting new event called Talk Show was developed in response to residents wanting opportunities to express themselves through conversation and debate. This is now a regular event that tours throughout our sheltered schemes.

Over the last year, our team improved the regularity of our activities. This means that residents can now rely on their favourite events being held at regular times and days.

Over the coming year, our team will be looking at ways that we can better support our residents, care homes and schemes with the things that they want to do.

We want to use feedback from our residents to improve, particularly looking at activities that better engage our male residents. In line with our ‘Fit Future’ we will also be looking to introduce more regular exercise classes and health and wellness activities.  This summer we will be running our own 'My Fit Festival' to encourage activity and wellness in our schemes.