C&C Arts & Events

Both C&C’s housing schemes and care homes enjoy a diverse programme of free activities from our 30 years established Arts and Events Programme.

The events we offer are vast and varied with new outings and classes being organised and promoted every month. We do everything from animal therapy and art classes to table tennis and Zumba.

In 2016, an event called Talk Show was developed in response to residents wanting opportunities to express themselves through conversation and debate. This is now a regular event that tours throughout our sheltered schemes.

For upcoming events, take a look at our 'Whats On' guide. Residents can also find news of activities on scheme noticeboards and the 'C&C Chatter' Facebook group.  Photos and information of recent activities can be seen on our Instagram feed and in the latest Inspiration Magazine.

In line with C&Cs ‘Fit Future Strategy we are looking to introduce more regular exercise classes and health and wellness activities.  We are also focussing on introducing more engaging activities for the men our Care Homes.  This Summer 2019 we hosted ‘My Fit Festival’, creating an opportunity for the C&C community to design and achieve their own triathlons.

Our Arts & Events Team:

We are always looking to work with new individuals and organisations. If you have any ideas or proposals please contact us on:

For arts partnerships and projects in C&C’s Sheltered Housing schemes, please contact our Arts and Partnerships lead Sofi Mogensen Sofi.Mogensen@ccht.org.uk

For projects in C&C Care Homes and the volunteers programme, please contact Jessica Corlett Jessica.corlett@ccht.org.uk