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Come join us on June 22nd for our summer festival C&Cycle, a day to celebrate our amazing C&C community!

We will be holding a festival of fun activities on the day for all of our residents, their friends and family and our C&C colleagues.


We are fundraising to install Tovertafel in each of our care homes. Help us achieve our goal, get fit and have fun in the process!


We have sponsored activities for all abilities! 


  • The Grand Tour, cycling between our C&C schemes (60km)
  • The Trouble Free Cycle (8km)
  • The Walk In The Park, a walk, jog, or run (1 & 5km options)


Tovertafel (or ‘Magic Table’ in English) is an innovative, new interactive projected artwork game designed to create moments of happiness for people with mid to late stage dementia.