Covid-19 FAQ's

C&C Covid-19 FAQa

Care Home Coronavirus (Covid-19) FAQs 


Your loved one remains our priority
During this unprecedented time, please be reassured that we are doing everything possible to protect your loved one and minimise the risk of infection from Coronavirus. Our staff remain committed to the care and support of every resident.

All of our four care homes follow strict protocols to ensure the well-being of residents and our staff, and we continue to adhere to the latest Government and Public Health England (PHE) guidelines.

We have already suspended all non-essential visits to the home during this time. We appreciate this has put a strain on families and that’s why we have put measures in place for you to keep in contact with your loved one via phone and Face time (video calling) and encourage you to arrange these with the relevant care home staff. 

You can also find further information on our response to this crisis in our COVID-19 Management Plan.


Why can I no longer visit my relative?
In response to the Coronavirus outbreak, the Government has issued guidelines to restrict public movement. This means that people should only leave their homes to shop for necessities, to do daily exercise, for medical reasons or if they are travelling to and from essential work. C&C continues to follow all relevant Government guidance in relation to this crisis.


How can I communicate with my relative if I can’t visit?
We know that you are anxious about your loved one’s wellbeing. You can still communicate with them via phone, Skype or Facetime (face to face video calling on your phone). If your relative does not have their own mobile phone, we have a limited number of tablets (portable mini PCs) in the home they can use to contact you. These are sanitised between usage. Due to the limited number of tablets available, we would be grateful if you could call the home in advance to arrange a suitable time to speak to your relative.

Staff are on site 24/7 to give your relative professional levels of care and support they need. We will update you on their health and wellbeing as necessary.


What happens if my relative/loved one contracts Coronavirus?
In the event of your loved one contracting Coronavirus, we will follow appropriate procedures in line with guidance from the Government and PHE. Your relative will be cared for by staff in isolation to reduce the risk of infection to other residents. Relevant medical professionals will be notified. When symptoms have subsided and are no longer considered infectious, your loved one can then return to communal areas as before. 
In such cases where a resident’s conditions worsens or requires additional medical support as per current guidance, they will be taken to a hospital to receive the care they need.


Will your staff wear masks? 
We continue to follow the advice and guidance from the Government on PHE. Our staff wear protective equipment when and if it is necessary for them to reduce the risk of infection. All of our staff observe hygiene rules e.g. washing hands. Of course, it is not always possible or desirable to observe social distancing rules for a number of reasons.
Importantly, we also follow strict hygiene protocols – continually sanitising the homes and equipment.


Will you start using virus testing kits?
We continue to follow the advice from medical professionals/Public Health England. If and when testing kits become more widely available in the care home community and if the guidance is to use them then we will follow this advice. 

Is the home still receiving essential supplies of food, cleaning and equipment?
Yes. As is our standard practice we have sufficient food stocks onsite and also regularly receive food and other essential supplies from our normal suppliers. We also have contingency plans in place to protect our food and other essential supplies, as well as being able to source alternative supplied of required.  


How will you maintain staffing levels?
At all times, our intention is to provide the best levels of care to your loved one. During this crisis, our staff face many difficulties – from childcare to getting to work and of course, minimising health risks to themselves and to others. Therefore, we have contingency plans in place to ensure that we have appropriate staffing levels. We have had – and may likely have – some staff needing either to shield with relevant health conditions or to self-isolate with symptoms. We are continuing to recruit both temporary or permanent staff as the need arises so we are adequately covered. We are also in contact with our local health protection team and continue to follow the Government guidelines.


Will activities continue for healthy residents?
While all of our regular external facilitators/instructors have been suspended such as our fitness and music therapy, we continue to organise regular activities delivered by care staff within the homes. We are doing our best to keep your loved one engaged and entertained.


Will you change/intensify cleaning procedures?
We already have strict cleaning protocols in place at all times, and these are subject to regulatory and statutory requirements. However, we have issued extra guidance for staff and have already increased the frequency of the cleaning of core communal areas including doors, door handles, handrails, bathrooms, dining tables and chairs and kitchen facilities. Staff also observe strict personal hygiene protocols.


What about waste collection?
Waste disposal will be continued following our standard practice, If any resident contracts Coronavirus we will remove waste in accordance with advice from PHE, to reduce the risk of infection to both residents and staff.


Will GPs continue to visit relatives at the home?
All non-essential visits have been suspended. We remain in regular contact with our local GPs via phone and Face time, and we will continue to seek their guidance and provide access to your relative/loved one to their GP as required.


Will my relative be able to go to their routine hospital appointments?
The NHS has cancelled all non-urgent operations as of 15 April. We are closely monitoring the situation and are in regular contact with healthcare professionals. 


What are the arrangements for visiting relatives who are at the end of life?

At this very sensitive time, we will contact you if it is evident that your relative is nearing their end of life. We will aim to support a visit in such exceptional circumstances, observing all current guidelines. Relatives in such instances will, of course, be required to follow strict infection control processes and wear relevant personal protective equipment in the room. We thank you for your understanding.


Are you still accepting new residents?
Yes, we will continue to have new residents in our homes. We will take every precaution to assess their individual care and support needs as well as conduct a COVID 19 risk assessment prior to their admission, in line with the Government, NHS/PHE advice and procedures. Any new resident is automatically placed into self-isolation and given appropriate care and support.

You can also find further information on our response to this crisis in our COVID-19 Management Plan.