1. 'You are my teacher' a poem by Femi T. Odeku

    By Femi T. Odeku


    You are my super Hero without cape

    To others you are sick, weak and damaged

    To me you are my Hero

  2. "My Town" a poem by Margaret Jacob, C&C resident at Blackham House

    by Margaret Jacob,  Blackham House

    Winner of the Poetry competition 2014


    I was invited to write a ditty,

    About a village, town or city,

    A place that I call home,

    This could be Windsor, Brighton or Rome.

    For me, it’s none of these,

    But listen please,

    To write about what is near, what I hold dear or what I fear, Is hard, my-oh-my, But I will try


  3. Glorious London

    by Barbara Van Doren


    I’ve always been here – living here, - just loving "city vibe".

    I’ve thrived and grown-up in this town, - a member of "the tribe".

    I’ve loved the bustle, love the feel of many things to do.

    I’m spoilt for choice, with plays and music, exhibitions too.


  4. London

    by Alice Matama, Vivian Court


    I started a bingo game, for those

    Who can’t go out, every fortnight


  5. Management-speak haiku

    by Tom Bobbin, Marketing & Communications Officer

    Winner of the Poetry competition 2014


    Blue sky manager

    Upskilled now going forward


  6. Memory

    by Stewart Quentin Holmes, Dora House

    Winner of the Poetry competition 2014


    Memory is a wonderful thing 

    For those possessing it

    For everyone else

    It’s simply a matter of guessing it


  7. Minding the Tiller on Poetry Day

    by David E Kingsley-Nyinah, Rathmore House manager


    It was a hot summer’s day    

    When ‘The Lady’ sailed our way.

    Being at the helm of affairs,

    She caught us unawares.


  8. My Beloved London – City of my Birth

    by Barrie Cheney, Vivian Court

    Walking the streets

    Whatever the weather

    Admiring the sights and the sounds,

    No city on earth compares with

    Ol “smokey”

    Its history knows no bounds.


  9. Oldfield Estate Choir

    by David Justice, Oldfield Estate


    There was a group of singers with fire

    Who set their aims a lot higher


  10. Royal Sovereign

    by a resident, Cecil Court


    Light, love & joy. 

    Early call of birdsong and sunsets in the evening. 

    Flowers. Lots & lots of flowers. 


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