Altogether Choir - Christmas Caroling Every Friday 2:00pm, at Oldfield Estate

  • C+C Royal Opera House Bethcrockatt 30
  • Location: Oldfield Estate, NW1 8UA

  • Fri 03 Dec 2021 - Fri 10 Dec 2021

  • Fri:  14:00 - 15:00

  • Altogether Choir at Oldfield Estate, Fridays 2:00pm

  • Indoors Maximum number of people 7

  • All residents welcome!

'Altogether Choir'

Join us as we come together to rehearse Christmas songs, for our Christmas caroling performances in person.

Event Details:

This event starts from Friday 3rd December - 10th December

Location: Oldfield Estate, lounge area

Time: 2pm- 2:55pm 

Maximum number of people 7

Choir rehearsal led by Laurie 

Choir performances led by Nicola and Laurie

In-person performances, dates, and times will be confirmed.

You MUST wear a mask and adhere to social distancing rules.

Please fill out the online form to join the choir.

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