C&C arts, fitness and events

Bringing free culture, fitness and activities to residents for over 30 years!

With our dedicated arts, fitness and cultural activities you can try something new or rediscover a lost creative outlet.

Our free activities are open to all sheltered housing scheme and care home residents. We believe in the power of engaging and uplifting activities to enhance the lives of individuals residing in care and housing facilities. Our program aims to provide a diverse range of activities that cater to the physical, mental, and emotional well-being of our participants, all at no cost to them.

Arts, fitness, and cultural activities are at the heart of our program. We offer dedicated sessions that encompass painting, creative writing, a wide range of physical activities suitable for all levels of ability, cultural events and celebrations and much more.

The Arts

We offer our residents regular free art classes including painting, sewing, knitting and art therapy as well as different seasonal arts workshops. Creative writing and poetry classes are also popular.

There are resident choirs, along with regular music therapy and professional musician performances in our care homes. Many of our teachers have been with us for over a decade and are very much part of our communities.

With our long-term specialism in the arts, C&C has itself attracted many retired art professionals including actors, musicians, directors, artists and art teachers. You may be amazed at the talent on your corridor!

A number of our housing schemes and care homes have libraries and pianos in public areas.


There are opportunities throughout the year to benefit from our partnerships with top arts and sports associations. We partner with organisations such as The Old Vic Theatre, the Royal Albert Hall, Lord's Cricket Ground and Birmingham Royal Ballet. These partnerships allow us to expand the scope of our program and offer a wider range of activities and resources. By collaborating with art galleries, museums, fitness centres, and cultural institutions, we can provide unique experiences and access to specialised facilities that enrich our participants' lives. These partnerships also enable us to connect participants with external resources and services that may enhance their well-being and overall quality of life.


Fitness plays a vital role in maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and our program incorporates a wide range of physical activities suitable for all levels of ability. From gentle exercises, Zumba, and yoga to more dynamic activities like dancing or group sports, we provide opportunities for individuals to stay active, improve their mobility, and enjoy the benefits of regular exercise. Our fitness sessions are led by qualified trainers who understand the unique needs and limitations of our participants, ensuring a safe and inclusive environment.

We also organise seasonal outings because walking along the beach with an ice cream or around the Christmas decorations at a garden centre still counts as ‘moving’ to us!

And there is more fun outside of your building!


The highlight of our Arts & Events are the many regular activities organised by our resident volunteers within their schemes.

You can visit coffee mornings or take part in gardening, quiz nights, bingo and teatime socials, all organised and run by your fellow tenants. The Engagement team supports residents that would like to start up their own community activities.

Join in with more free events in other C&C schemes by checking out our activity calendar. There is always something new happening!

Contact our talented Arts & Events team

We are always looking to work with new individuals and organisations, if you're interested please contact us via GetInvolved@ccht.org.uk.

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