Customer satisfaction


Your views are important to us.

At C&C, we are committed to providing the best possible experience for our residents, and we are always striving to make improvements. We want to hear how our residents feel about our services so that we can identify what we do well, and what we could do better.

We encourage our residents to provide us with feedback and the easiest way is through the form below:

We also have several other ways for you to get in touch:

  • After you have spoken to one of our Service Hub team on the phone (see our Contact Us page for phone numbers), you might be asked to take part in a short survey
  • Following the link in our E-newsletters, or replying via email
  • Our sign-in tablets located at our sheltered housing schemes

Your feedback can be anonymous, but we do ask which property you live in, as this helps us better understand any specific issues there may be in a particular residence.

The information we gather helps us to make positive changes that ensure we are delivering quality care and housing support, and meeting your needs.

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