Report a repair

Repairs and your property


Repairs can be reported by calling our Service Hub on 0207 922 5300 at any time, or using the form below.

For a list of what qualifies as emergency/urgent repairs, please visit our repair and maintenance page.

We can carry out all kinds of repairs, even helping to update your home.

Our repairs team are here to help you when things go wrong in your property. We’ll respond to your repair requests as quickly, politely and accurately as possible.

We can carry out repairs considered to be your responsibility, however the cost of the work will be recharged to you as the tenant. This will be discussed with you when you request a repair. Learn about our repair charges.

Find out more about your responsibility as a tenant and tips on maintaining your home.

Report a repair

Find out more about the types of repairs we do, read our how to guides, and learn about any costs involved. To report a repair:

  • Complete the form below
  • Or call 0207 922 5300

Please note that if we’re called to attend a non-emergency repair out of normal hours (Mon-Fri 9am-5pm), you’ll be charged an attendance fee of £50.

You can request the following repairs:

  • Day to day repairs (leaking sink, faulty toilet, door won’t lock etc.)
  • Heating and hot water problems
  • Door entry system repairs
  • Lift repairs
  • TV aerial repairs
  • Communal repairs

If the repair is your responsibility, the C&C Direct Team will provide a quote for the recharge. If we undertake the repair, you’ll be given an appointment - unless it’s an emergency in which case we will come and make the problem safe within 24 hours.

Sub-contractors that we use for more specialist repairs will contact you directly to make an appointment.

The time taken to complete the repair will depend on the priority the repair is given.

For more information about how our contractors will help keep you safe while carrying out emergency/urgent repairs in your home, please read our Covid-19 Risk Assessment Guidance.

Report a repair

Please complete the repairs form below and a member of the team will be in contact with you.

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All emergency repairs must be reported via telephone on 0207 922 5300. Emergency repairs reported via this form may not be attended to within 24 hours.

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