Resident engagement


We have a long-established commitment to engaging with residents. It's an essential part of the successful delivery of our services.

We recognise the importance of residents having a genuine voice in how their homes are managed and developed.

We believe that residents are the best people to help us to shape and deliver high quality services and achieve value for money. By working in a way that encourages co-production and transparency between residents and staff, we can build healthier communities together.

Get involved

To get involved and make a difference, you don’t need any previous experience – you just need to be enthusiastic and to care about improving the services that affect you and people like you. To find out more about how you can get more involved in shaping your services, speak to your local housing staff or contact the Resident Engagement team at: or you can contact the Service Hub team and ask to speak to Resident Engagement on 020 7922 5300

Want to be a resident case study? We are regularly looking for residents happy to share their story, or be photographed or interviewed for our various blogs, brochures and PR. If you'd be interested in taking part (with no obligation) please complete our resident consent form.

Opportunities to have your say


Our vision is to create engaged, healthy and inspired C&C communities where residents are active participants within the communities - we cannot achieve our full potential in isolation.

Co-production plays an important part in how we engage with residents. Co-production is a working relationship where employees and residents work together, sharing power through design and planning, and delivering change for the better of the community

There are a variety of ways to provide feedback and to influence the running of the services you receive.

Opportunities to engage

Our sheltered schemes have front line staff allocated to them. At many of these sites, the team run regular scheme meetings to keep you informed about your home and the facilities onsite. To find out when your scheme meetings take place please contact a Service Officer or the Portfolio Manager of the scheme.

We endeavour to publish upcoming scheme meetings on this page as and when they are arranged.

The Resident Assembly is a forum made up of many different residents from across our properties. Residents and staff meet to discuss new and innovative ways that our services can be improved. In this group the concept of ‘co-production’ is fundamental, staff and residents working together to create improvements to our resident services.

  • 9th December 2021 (on Zoom)
  • 10th February 2022 (on Zoom)

Our resident & board panels allow residents to play a key part in the way our services are shaped and delivered to you. These panels meet quarterly at our central office.

We will be recruiting to the panel later in 2021 so if you are interested, please get in touch.

  • June 8th
  • September 14th
  • December 14th

We host an annual conference for our residents. This is our biggest platform for updating our residents on both our performance and our plans over the coming year. The conference is a chance for you to meet residents from across our portfolio of homes and staff that you may not normally come in to contact with. The events provide valuable feedback to our team to help continue to develop our services.

Each month we collect your feedback though a customer satisfaction surveys. These surveys give us an insight into satisfaction levels and helps us to spot trends in the general community.

There are a wide range of volunteering roles within C&C's community. These roles provide you with another way to be involved in our activities. They help build confidence, develop skills and improve communication with other residents and staff. Find out more about volunteering.

Get involved in resident activities

We offer regular activities for sheltered scheme residents and care home residents – try something new!

Scrutiny Panel

We have two formal panels that are made up of Board members and residents and are an important part of our governance structure.

Our main resident panels are:

  • Service Scrutiny Panel
  • People, Performance and Change Panel.

These panels meet quarterly with organisational support from C&C. The Panels advise the C&C Board on matters relating to the development, performance and the delivery of the services.

The scope of theses panels includes:  

  • The review of performance metrics & reports
  • The review of new service developments
  • The review of resident led service reviews
  • The review of people and organisational development, culture and change issues
  • Resident Panel members also act as the Final stage Complaints hearing Panel, in line with C&C’s complaints process.

We have a Resident Engagement Strategy and Policy to ensure that residents throughout our community can be involved in key decision making. Find out more about how these panels help improve our performance.

Staff across the organisation are committed to promoting the involvement of residents.

We always welcome feedback on the service we offer. Feedback can be provided via our form.

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