Volunteering is a great way to expand your skills and support your local community.

We have volunteering roles based in and around your community to suit all backgrounds, interests or skills. Find out about all of the ways you can volunteer with us below.

Resident volunteering

We currently have lots of residents volunteering with us, running their own community activities such as: bingo, table tennis, coffee shops, party planning and gardening. We also work in partnership with wider organisations such as Age UK and others.

Becoming a resident volunteer can help build your confidence, develop your skills, inspire community spirit and help you build friendships with other residents and staff.

Looking for inspiration to become a volunteer? Have a read of Kirsten's story.

External volunteers and partnerships

We welcome and encourage volunteering from everyone including our residents, members of the general public or other organisations. We currently work with a number of volunteers from outside of C&C, these external volunteers and partnerships do everything from befriending, quiz writing, music concerts and performances from local primary school children.

Volunteers are a valuable asset to us, their contribution enables us to deliver projects, programmes and community activities every year. There are so many fun ways you can get involved as a volunteer, why not join us?

Our Volunteer goals

One of our core volunteering goals is to support the success of existing activities - whether these have been set up by residents or are being delivered by our external partners. So most of our volunteering opportunities will give you the chance to lend a hand to an activity that is already well-established.

Over the coming year we'll also be looking for volunteers to befriend residents of our four London care homes. Get in touch if you'd like to hear more.

If you have an exciting new idea and want to start your own volunteer activity, we may be able to support you to get this going.

Current opportunities


As a Care Home Befriending Volunteer, you will have the incredible opportunity to bring companionship, warmth, and a friendly presence to the lives of residents in our care home. Your role will involve spending quality time with individuals, engaging in conversations, and providing emotional support. By building meaningful relationships with the residents, you will help alleviate feelings of loneliness and enhance their overall well-being. Whether it's sharing stories, playing games, or simply offering a listening ear, your compassionate presence will make a significant difference in the lives of those you connect with.

As a Care Home Activity Volunteer, you will be a vital part of creating a vibrant and engaging environment for our residents. Your role will involve planning, organizing, and facilitating a variety of activities that cater to the interests and abilities of our residents. From arts and crafts sessions to group exercises, music performances, or even outings, your creativity and enthusiasm will help to uplift spirits, foster social interaction, and promote overall well-being. By encouraging participation and ensuring everyone feels included, you will contribute to creating joyful and memorable experiences for our residents to cherish.

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Volunteering not only greatly benefits other residents but also can give you a sense of purpose and personal satisfaction. If you want to volunteer with us or have any questions register your interest here.


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