Getting involved

At C&C there are many ways for residents to get involved, including:

  • Participating in a Service Review
  • Creative Arts
  • Café Engagement Surgeries 
  • Access All Areas 


The Roadshows are twice yearly meetings at schemes that allow C&C residents to meet with key decision makers to discuss our resident services and any improvements and developments planned.

You can also apply for a resident panel member position in one of the panels below:


Service Scrutiny Review Panel (SSRP)

The Service Scrutiny Review Panel (SSRP) has been established to advise the C&C Board on matters relating to the development and performance of its services and the delivery of the Services that Inspire section of our ‘Fit Future Strategy’. Our service areas include Housing Management Services, Housing Support Services, Care Services, Repairs Services including C&C Direct Repairs, Service Hub Services, Resident Engagement, including Creative Arts, Health & Safety, Safeguarding, Customer Feedback & Complaints (including acting as the complaints appeals panel), and Equality & Diversity.

Service Scrutiny Review Panel Terms of Reference (agreed at Board 25.7.17).pdf [pdf] 142KB


People, Performance & Change Steering Panel (PPCSP)

The People, Performance & Chance Steering Panel (PPCSP) has been established to oversee the implementation of the new C&C structure in order to deliver the “Fit Future Strategy 2017-2027”, advising the C&C Board on matters relating to the restructure, change processes and the culture of performances as it develops. 

People, Performance and Change Steering Panel Terms of Reference (agreed.._.pdf [pdf] 371KB


If you are interested in becoming a resident ambassador, please fill out the application form here:

Resident ambassador - Application form.pdf

Or contact our resident engagement team on 020 7922 5401 or