Home Swapping

C&C is working in partnership with Homeswapper, the UK’s leading mutual exchange service. All housing tenants can now benefit from free membership of the scheme, which matches people wanting to move to a home that better meets their needs. It gives you greater choice as well as the opportunity to search for a home that is just right for you, in the same way private tenants can.    

What are the benefits?

Through Homeswapper you have the option to find a new home, not only in your area but across the whole of the UK. HomeSwapper is easy to use and automatically matches you with tenants who are interested in your home and have a home that you may be interested in.

How do you use the Service?

All you need to do is register at www.homeswapper.co.uk. Once your registration has been approved you will be able to access information about tenants who may wish to exchange properties with you. Homeswapper will also email you at regular intervals with details of suitable exchange partners. If you do not have access to the the internet, Homeswapper will send you match alerts via your mobile phone every two weeks.

If you have any queries about Homeswapper please contact the Customer Services Team on 020 7922 5300.