1. Latest Blog: Tovertafel Unveilings

    The 30th and 31st January marked the two unveilings of the brand new ‘Tovertafels’’ at our Rathmore House and Compton Lodge care homes.  ‘Tovertafel,’ which is Dutch for ‘Magic Table,’ is a projector and processor that is mounted to a ceiling above a flat service such as a table.  The projector creates interactive artworks that respond to arm and hand movements.  The product was designed for people in the moderate to severe stages of dementia.  These interactive games encourage social interaction by stimulating both physical and cognitive activity.

    Both events were a huge success as a wide variety of guests and staff attended.  The days were kickstarted by representatives of our sponsors (Montagu Evans and Regal London), cutting a ribbon to signify the launch of the magic tables.  Once the formalities were out the way it was time to have some fun.  Residents, staff and sponsors alike, all gathered around the table eager to uncover the wonders which the Tovertafel had to offer. 

    Tovertafel’s Head of Service, Mehdi Bediuoi, was on hand to help show how the machinery worked and give some more background information on how it was built and designed.  A wide selection of games projected onto the table whilst our residents constantly engaged.  It was great to see how the Tovertafel brought everyone together on the day and C&C are sure it’ll have a mirroring effect in all the care homes it has been installed in.

    The day was rounded off with a bite to eat and some fizz as a special thank you to all those that attended both days.  However, a special expression of gratitude must also go out everyone who was involved in the C&C Cycle fundraiser last summer, as none of the installations would have been possible without them.

  2. C&Cycle - Our Biggest Ever Event

    On the 22nd June 2018 last year, C&C hosted a summer festival to celebrate our ‘Fit Future’ strategy whilst bringing our C&C community together.  2018 proved to be a highly productive, yet challenging year for the organisation, as we underwent a year of internal change.  Considering this, the event’s main objectives was to bring staff, residents and suppliers together in a discussion about health, fitness and wellbeing, whilst raising funds for the installation of the ‘Tovertafel’ magic tables in four of our care homes.

    With the sun beaming down on what proved to be a fabulous day (maybe not so much for the cyclists/runners), many of our C&C staff set off to embark on a 70-kilometre sponsored cycle, where they planned on visiting as many of our sites in one day as possible.  Starting at our Central Office, located in Waterloo, our riders visited two of our care homes, Homemead and Cecil Court, where they were welcomed in by residents, giving them a chance to recharge and hydrate.

    The final stops were held at our three largest sheltered schemes; Philip House, Ada Court and Oldfield Estate, in which the cyclists were able to celebrate their amazing achievement with good food, fun games and enjoyable music, accompanied by our even better residents and staff.

    Amongst all the fun and games C&C managed to raise over an incredible £24,000, a truly remarkable achievement.  We would like to thank everyone for helping create such an amazing event, because without them, none of this would have been possible.  A special thank you goes to our corporate sponsors Montagu Evans & Regal London for their such generous donations.

  3. Nature & Nurture – a multi-sensory project for people living with dementia

    lower basket

    C&C are excited to share an innovative multi-sensory project piloted in their care homes for people living with dementia. 

    The project was conceived and led by C&C’s award-winning Creative Arts team, who aim to enhance wellbeing, provide motivation and give older residents the chance to learn new skills and be creative. Having previously won funding from the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames’ Community Learning department, the Creative Arts team were keen to develop a new project for dementia residents in care homes that promoted health and wellbeing. 


  4. C&C hosts 5th Talk Show at Blackham House

    talk show

    On the 29th March 2018, C&C hosted its 5th Talk Show at Blackham House, Wimbledon. The hugely popular event was an opportunity for residents and staff to come together for a lively conversation with fascinating guests. 


  5. Art session with Orleans House Gallery

    art session with Orleans House Gallery

    Last week, we held an art session with Orleans House Gallery art department at Cecil Court.

    Activities included drawing, painting, making books and printing, which all residents thoroughly enjoyed.


  6. Dignity Action Day at Carter House

    Dignity Action Day at Carter House

    Residents of Carter House were treated to a celebratory afternoon tea event on Thursday, 1 February to mark the annual Dignity Action Day celebrations. 

    Dignity Action Day is a national annual event to recognise those living in care and afford them the dignity and respect they so deserve.  


  7. Residents Annual Conference

    Residents conference

    The Residents Annual Conference is a fantastic way for our Residents and Staff to get together once a year, to discuss all things C&C. 



  8. How giving every resident their ‘day’ can transform care.

    Ernest Callard

    Creating and maintaining a care plan shouldn’t just be paperwork. But pressures of time and resources can result in it becoming just another task with little meaning to either residents or staff.

    Dan Lipscombe, Operations Manager for C&C which runs eight care homes in London, argues making each person in turn ‘Resident of the Day’ can transform their daily care and give satisfaction to staff.


  9. BBQ at Edna House

    Bbq at Edna House

    BBQ on Monday? Why not!

    Our residents at Edna House are having a blast today. Volunteers from Prudential organised a BBQ Lunch and Mediterranean Activity Afternoon.


  10. Was your appliance bought in the last 12 years or more? Register it today.

    register your appliance

    Was your appliance bought in the last 12 years or more? Register it today.


  11. C&C is in the top 100 list for the National Centre for Diversity Grand Awards 2017

    The National Centre for Diversity held its prestigious Annual Grand Awards event on Thursday 16th March 2017 at the Queens Hotel in Leeds.


  12. UK Housing Awards 2017

    We are pleased to share that our entry for the UK Housing Awards 2017 has been shortlisted in the category of ‘An Outstanding Approach to Meeting Specialist Housing Needs’.

  13. We have been shortlisted at the 2017 Housing Innovation Awards

    We are delighted to share that we have been shortlisted in the category of 'Most Innovative use of Community Engagement' at the 2017 Housing Innovation Awards.
    The Housing Innovation Awards celebrate innovation in the UK housing sector, showcasing the most innovative housing providers, projects, products, and companies.


  14. Great British Care Awards

    We are delighted to announce that Fiona Saadat and her team at Cecil Court won an award at the Great British Care Awards on Saturday night.

    This is a very prestigious award – Innovation in Care and is very much deserved for the new, cutting edge ways our dementia residents are being supported.

    We are all very proud of everyone at Cecil Court who once again have demonstrated the amazing things that we do in C&C.


  15. Winners of Excellence in Employee Engagement Award

    Back in July 2015, C&C had been shortlisted as finalist for the Excellence in Employee Engagement Award (less than 1000 employees). The entry submission was based on the rolling out of the C&C Behaviours, the work of Singspiration, our C&C choir, and a number of Learning projects such as the Inspirational Development Grants, Staff Roadshow and Managers Conference. Despite the heavy competition, we are delighted to announce that C&C won! 


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