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C&Cycle - Our Biggest Ever Event

C&Cycle - Our Biggest Ever Event

On the 22nd June 2018 last year, C&C hosted a summer festival to celebrate our ‘Fit Future’ strategy whilst bringing our C&C community together.  2018 proved to be a highly productive, yet challenging year for the organisation, as we underwent a year of internal change.  Considering this, the event’s main objectives was to bring staff, residents and suppliers together in a discussion about health, fitness and wellbeing, whilst raising funds for the installation of the ‘Tovertafel’ magic tables in four of our care homes.

With the sun beaming down on what proved to be a fabulous day (maybe not so much for the cyclists/runners), many of our C&C staff set off to embark on a 70-kilometre sponsored cycle, where they planned on visiting as many of our sites in one day as possible.  Starting at our Central Office, located in Waterloo, our riders visited two of our care homes, Homemead and Cecil Court, where they were welcomed in by residents, giving them a chance to recharge and hydrate.

The final stops were held at our three largest sheltered schemes; Philip House, Ada Court and Oldfield Estate, in which the cyclists were able to celebrate their amazing achievement with good food, fun games and enjoyable music, accompanied by our even better residents and staff.

Amongst all the fun and games C&C managed to raise over an incredible £24,000, a truly remarkable achievement.  We would like to thank everyone for helping create such an amazing event, because without them, none of this would have been possible.  A special thank you goes to our corporate sponsors Montagu Evans & Regal London for their such generous donations.