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C&C’s new registered office

Last year we let you know that C&C’s Central Office on Waterloo Road, London, had been closed. We have now taken the decision to change C&C’s registered office from Waterloo Road to Grace House. This is now the legal registered address for Central and Cecil Housing Trust, 55 London, Centr...

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Check your pipes ahead of freezing weather

In particularly cold weather and mostly at night, your boiler’s condensate pipe may freeze, which can lead to a blockage, causing the boiler to shut down. Symptoms of a frozen condensate pipe include: Error codes or warning lights on your boiler’s display A bubbling or gurgling sound emanating f...



What to do if you experience a leak

If you think you have a leak in your home, the best thing to do is turn off your water supply, to stop the leak from causing any more damage. You can prepare for this by locating the stop cock in your home. Whether or not you know where the stop cock is, please do give us a call on 020 7922 5300...

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Check communal lighting and report faults

As the winter nights draw in, you might start to notice that some of the communal lighting outside your home isn’t working. If you live in a block of flats, this might be inside or outside your home. Please let us know on 020 7922 5300 if you notice any issues around your home. We might not be ab...

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Festive opening times

During the festive period our Service Hub will be closed for a few days; however if you need to reach us in an emergency please call 020 7922 5300. Friday 22nd Dec - Open 9am-5pm Monday 25th Dec- Closed Tuesday 26th Dec- Closed Wednesday 27th Dec- Open 9am-5pm Thursday 28th Dec- Open 9am-5pm Frid...

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Get involved in our Independent Living Group

We want to make sure we represent the views of customers and we will make sure you can be part of that involvement, to share your thoughts and opinions easily. Our involved customer groups are made up of customers who scrutinise and review the way we work to make positive changes to our services...



Top tips for tackling mould and condensation

Condensation and mould can be a problem during the colder months of the year. If you’ve been in touch with us over the last year to log a mould and condensation issue in your home, our team intends to get in contact to make sure that these issues have been fully resolved ahead of this winter pe...

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How to maintain your boiler

We all know what it’s like to be without a boiler, when all you want is for it to be fixed. However, there is one simple step you could take to maintain your boiler and avoid it breaking. Before the cold weather sets in, test your heating. Make sure you run it once a month for a few minutes to k...



Check your radiators to ensure winter warmth

Our engineers have shared some simple steps you can take this autumn to make sure your radiators are working, ahead of the colder winter period. Try adjusting your radiator valves to see if you can get them to heat up while the boiler is on. If you aren’t seeing a change in temperature after adj...

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Changes to C&C management

After two years as C&C’s Director of Housing and Customer Services, Sam Scharf will be leaving us on Friday 13 October. Sam has overseen much of the work that has been undertaken as part of C&C’s merger with Aster Group, and has played a key role in both the opening of Grace House last y...

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