EVENTS VLOG: “There’s so many benefits Zumba Gold gives residents” – fitness instructor Andrea Gianelli


At C&C’s Compton Lodge care home in Primrose Hill, residents can keep themselves active through weekly Zumba Gold classes run by Andrea Gianelli. Andrea also regularly runs online classes for the benefits of all C&C care residents.

“The improvement in general wellbeing, self-esteem, confidence, a sense of achievement…all of these things really make residents feel happy and allows them to interact in a fun way,” Andrea explains.

“We have some really talented residents. One used to be a belly dancer, and when her favourite music starts all the muscle memory comes back to her and she starts moving around. The best thing is to see her smile; she’s just over the moon.”

Watch Andrea talk about the joy Zumba Gold brings to our care residents below. And you can find out more about the arts, fitness and other classes coming up at our care homes on our website. 

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