Gender Pay Gap Report 2022


We are serious about making Aster Group a great place to work. Right at the heart of that is a belief that a person’s ability to do their job is what is important, not their gender, age, sexuality or any other personal factor.

We are determined that this will be reflected at all points in the employee journey, from recruitment, internal promotion and opportunities to learn, to how much we pay our people for the work they do.

We firmly believe in creating a culture that allows us to attract, retain and support each and every one of our colleagues and we will work hard to ensure that we provide an environment that is fair and inclusive.

Our gender pay gap for 2022 for Aster Group was 17.65%, for Central and Cecil Housing Trust (C&C) it was 29.2%, Aster Property it was 11.82% and for Aster Communities it was 20.05%.

As C&C is now part of the Aster Group, our gender pay reporting for 2022 is incorporated into the wider Group’s report. You can find C&C’s previous gender pay gap reports in the policies section of this webpage.

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