Keeping our high-rise residential buildings safe


As part of new government policy, from April 2024, building owners were required to apply for building assessment certificates for any high-rise buildings (of at least 18 metres in height). Ensuring your safety in our buildings is our number one priority.

Over the past year, we’ve been busy conducting thorough surveys of our highest buildings, that includes all aspects of fire and structural safety for:

All our buildings have been registered with the government building safety regulator. We have prepared in-depth safety case reports for each one, which tenants can view on our website and should receive printed copies of, along with an Easyread version of the residents engagement survey strategy.

Our building safety manager, Clare Lyons, will oversee the building safety management systems and monitor building performance, incidents, repairs and any complaints on a daily basis.

Clare will also have oversight of any changes that are made to these four buildings and will be the first point of contact for residents in any matters of building safety.

Many of our customers have been involved in our building safety consultations to tell us how they want to be kept informed of any building safety matters.  We have finalised our resident’s engagement strategy for building safety and will be providing our customers in our highest buildings with a building safety record detailing that key information.

These will include:

  • Emergency processes, procedures and contact information
  • Building construction history
  • Building safety systems in place
  • Customer guides to keeping safe in your buildings

Please let us know if there is anything at all that you are concerned about or if you want to know more.

Get in touch with Clare Lyons, Building safety manager at or call our Service Hub on 0207 922 5330.

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