“Love makes the world go round”: Care home residents share their top tips for romance


Residents at Cecil Court care home have offered their best advice for maintaining a long and happy relationship as the UK prepares to celebrate Valentine’s Day under lockdown.

We asked our residents to share their top tips for younger people both hoping to find love and to stay in love forever, along with messages of love they have for one another.

And no-one was better placed to show their love than couple Michael (88) and Christine (80) Rowsell, who celebrated 58 years of marriage in October.

Michael and Christine Rowsell. The couple have two sons, and continue to complement each other, with Christine saying ‘My husband’s handsome’ and Michael adding ‘I adore her’.

Margaret D, 92, first fell in love aged 16, and says her first kiss was ‘the most romantic thing in my life’.

76-year-old Roger calls on people to be honest, caring, kind and appreciative in order to have good relationships and lead happy lives.

Margaret P, 92, praises the visiting pods set up in Cecil Court’s gardens, which have allowed for safe visits during the pandemic, including that of her daughter.

Jilly (86) holds up a poem made by partner Richard inside Cecil Court’s visiting pods during Richard’s visit this week. The sign reads ‘Love makes the world go round, love shines in your heart, love supports when we are apart, I love you Jilly with all my heart.’

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