RESIDENT BLOG: Online classes have been a blessing to me in the pandemic


I have some problems with my knees, and because of this I used to see a physiotherapist prior to lockdown. He was really happy when I told him that I took part in both Zumba and aqua-aerobics each week. These gave me more benefits than the physio exercises ever did!

The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic has meant I’ve had to stop doing my aqua-aerobics. But every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday I take part in online Zumba – the Thursday class I take part in is organised by C&C. It’s really good for my health.

On top of this, I take part in the ballet classes C&C runs on Monday evenings. I love the ballet. When I worked in an office in London I used to go to the Opera House two or three times a year, and now I’m putting some of what I saw there into practice! I find it really relaxing, and have been pleased to continue doing it throughout the year.

I also enjoy a half hour Tai-Chi class on Fridays. It’s quite intense, but so gentle for my spirit, while the Zumba and ballet is recreation for the soul. I love my teacher, and I find that tai-chi calms me down. It is wonderful, and I appreciate it very much.

Zoom doesn’t just allow me to take part in classes – but speak with my family and friends

Now that we are coming into Winter, I hope that more residents will take the opportunity to enjoy themselves with the online classes. We can easily host 10-15 people at any time and I know that for people who are rarely going out with the pandemic going on, it would be a great ambition fulfilled if they join. I have tried to invite some others and I know they would find it really relaxing and calming.

To me, Zoom has been one of the blessings of the whole pandemic. It doesn’t just allow me to connect with the lessons but also to speak with my friends and family. This weekend we are holding a Mass celebration as it is the third anniversary since my mother passed on. About 30 of us – in my home country Colombia, in Florida, New York and London, will all be attending the event on Facebook Live to celebrate her life. It’s bringing us altogether in an amazing way.

I was lucky enough to already have good computer skills – having worked as a translator in a big office, I kept myself familiar with new technology whenever it came out, given I’d originally started on a clunky old typewriter that made me think my little finger was going to break! But Zoom was new to me and has helped me through Covid-19.

The pandemic was especially hard at the beginning when we couldn’t go out. It’s good that I can head out at the moment, even if I limit my trips to attending Mass or going to the park for a walk. But for people who are feeling cut off from the world at the moment, it’s great to get involved with some of the activities. Hopefully the regular activities newsletter could get some more people interested in taking part.

Myriam Martinez, resident, Edna House

C&C is offering a number of virtual events and activities during this period. Find out what’s going on near you with our new Activity Calendar.

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