Digital care plan

We’re pioneering the use of technology to drive improvement in the services we deliver.

Our Care Home staff use digital care plans so that every aspect of your loved ones’ care is accurately monitored throughout the day. From administering medicine to ensuring hydration, our staff can better track each Digital Care Plan for every resident. Which also means we can respond better in real-time to all of our resident needs.

Benefits of digital care plans

There are many benefits of digital care plans. The Care Quality Commission (CQC), have outlined the five key areas in which they believe the state-of-the-art use of technology can support the provision of exceptional person-centred care:

Helping ensure key information is accurate and easy to share with caring professionals in real time.

Staff can access digital care plans and records more easily. They can record information in real time. This can be quickly and accurately shared to help keep people safe, and highlight key information, such as up-to-date medical and allergy information.

Supporting effective communication and more efficient use of resources, including finances.

Staff, family and other providers can share digital records more easily and quickly. Staff can use handheld devices to record support given as it happens. This avoids having to complete paper records after the event.

Supporting person-centred care and helping staff to spend more time on the things that really matter.

Technology can support staff to make their processes more efficient. This means that their time isn’t taken up by administrative work. Digital care records can make information easier to access and quicker to share. This reduces the number of times people who use services have to give information or repeat themselves.

Supporting providers to be more proactive and responsive to changing needs by helping to identify developing risks or needs more quickly.

Communication aids (such as tablet-based apps) can be tailored to an individual’s needs, preferences and activities. Or a computer-based app can be also used to deliver tailor made treatment/recovery plans for people.

Supporting more effective quality assurance through more effective communication, information sharing and improved data analysis.

People who use services and their families can use online platforms to access and contribute to the information that is important to them. They can also communicate with those involved in their care and treatment. Anonymised data collected can be shared, compared and analysed to identify risks and themes, providing a bigger picture.

Digital care plans

Examples of the Nourish digital care plans we use are below.


The Digital C&C Vision

Along with our dedicated Out Not In’ Care Strategy, we are committed to implementing new technologies that enable us to better care for our residents.

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