Technologies in our homes

We’re pioneering the use of technology to drive improvement in the services we deliver.

We utilise a range of technology within our homes, including digital care plans, sensor mats and remote health monitoring. This, and more, assists us in providing holistic, connected, and efficient care for our residents.

Why we use a range of technology in our homes

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) has outlined the five key areas in which they believe the state-of-the-art use of technology can support the provision of exceptional person-centred care:

Motion-detection technology via sensor mats is in place to monitor residents’ movement and actively prevent any accidents. Any accidents that do happen can be digitally recorded in real-time.

Staff, family and loved ones, and where appropriate other professionals can share information more easily and quickly. Handheld devices are available for staff in our homes to update support given as it happens.

Key information about residents is stored and easily accessed digitally. Allowing staff to be more efficient, resulting in less time spent on administrative tasks and more time caring for residents.

We can respond better to our residents' needs in real-time via Digital care plans; this includes administering medicine to ensuring hydration.

Technology supports effective quality assurance through more efficient communication, information sharing and improved data analysis.

We have remote health monitoring in our homes that allows our GPs to have real time health data and aids in a prompt response - we use sensor mats for falls and currently are trialling a remote falls monitoring system. We use Nourish care planning system.

Digital care plans

Examples of the Nourish digital care plans we use are below.


The Digital C&C Vision

Along with our dedicated Out Not In’ Care Strategy, we are committed to implementing new technologies that enable us to better care for our residents.

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