Service reviews

Service Reviews are in depth examinations of a particular service, to examine current policy and practice, and make suggestions for improvements.

The Service Review Panel produce a report with recommendations for improvement, which are then considered by the Heads Of Service and Board and an action plan is then produced,

C&C’s RSP conduct two Service Reviews a year, based on topics selected at the Residents’ Annual Conference.


The RSP look for 2-3 interested residents and/or resident relatives to join each panel. If you are interested in joining a future review, then please email, or call the Resident Engagement Team on 02079225368.


To learn more about the RSP’s previous Service Reviews, please use the below links:


Autumn/Winter 2013- Security Service Review

Security Service Review Report available here. The recommendations from the report have now been fully implemented.


Winter/Spring 2014- Communications Service Review

Communications Service Review Report available here

To view the progress in implementing recommendations from the Communications Service Review, please view the Action Plan available here


Winter 2014/Spring 2015-Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB) Service Review

ASB Service Review Report available here. 

To view the progress in implementing recommendations from the ASB Service Review, please view the Action Plan here


Summer 2015 - Resident Engagement in Care Service Review  

The Engagement in Care review has now been completed and avaiable to download here.


Autumn 2016 - Activities Provision Service Review

The RSP started their Fifth review on Activities Provisions and the wider engagement C&C provide. All the recommendations have been approved by the board and you can download the final report here.


Autumn 2017 - Service Review into Retention of Staff

This report details the findings and recommendations of a resident-led Service Review into retention of staff for C&C

Retention of Staff Service Review [docx] 948KB


Future Review Topics

At  C&C’s Annual Conference, residents voted on the top 2 services that they would like to see reviewed. The following topics received the highest number of votes and will be reviewed: Loneliness and Isolation & Out of Hours Service