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We believe in challenging the perception of older people’s housing; we believe that everyone should live an inspired life. 
We challenge the design of housing through innovation and thoughtfulness. We believe that the best innovations come from co-production and result in functional homes that are elegantly designed and that inspire people.
Together, we can make great homes and communities.

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  1. C&C's Central Office pioneers the use of "green electricity"

    C&C's Central Office is pioneering the use of “green electricity”; we have invested in solar panels that generate some electricity for use on site by converting solar power into electricity on our roof. We have now taken this a step further

  2. Have you discovered our C&C YouTube Channel yet ?

    C&C has now a YouTube channel full of videos made by C&C staff & residents. 

    It shows how much people are involved in this organisation and love spreading their creativity and their inspiration. 

  3. C&C ending contract with DW

    C&C will be ending a contract with DW Contractors for day to day responsive repairs as of 11 February 2015.

    All of the normal arrangements for contacting C&C about repairs will remain the same and residents should continue to either report repairs locally or via the Central Office contact numbers which are;

    0800 1218742 or 0207 922 5302 during normal working hours or

    0800 533 5719 if you are reporting repairs out of hours;

  4. Emergency Contact Number for Heating and Hot Water Repairs - P&R Installations Ltd

    The 0800 number which we issued to residents in the communication sent out dated 17 December 2014 for the above firm was incorrect.
    If you need to contact the above firm to report a problem with your heating and or hot water then you can either contact them on 0800 0939 932 or alternatively on 020 8 300 0300.
    We apologise if the information provided has caused any inconvenience.
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Rathmore Virtual Tour

Explore our care home Rathmore House as if you were actually there! Have a look at our 360 virtual tour below.


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