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we believe that everyone should live an inspired life - C&C's company values and principles

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Watch our Dora House Chapter Videos

We have produced the first four ‘chapters’ in a nine part documentary about C&C’s Dora House redevelopment. 

It explores key elements involved in a redevelopment, including how residents feel at different stages and work with us to find inspiring solutions. We hope you enjoy watching these videos.


Did you like this video? Enjoy more videos of Dora House Chapters

  1. World Food Day - have you prepared your dish yet?

    On 16th October, C&C will be celebrating World Food Day.

    World Food Day is celebrated every year by millions of people from almost every country and is a great opportunity to come together to celebrate the diversity of our staff and residents, and raise awareness of world hunger.


  2. C&C shortlisted in the Employee Engagement Award

    We’re really excited to announce that we have been shortlisted in the Employee Engagement Award (under 1,000 employees) category of the Personnel Today Awards 2015


  3. Residents visit Royal Albert Hall

    On a crisp spring afternoon, Alison Teader, C&C’s Creative Arts Officer and a group of tenants from Oldfield Estate, The Chestnuts and Ada Court attended a very special event at the Royal Albert Hall (RAH). 


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