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Customer Satisfaction & Feedback

It is important to us that every C&C resident has a voice and is able to give us feedback on the services that we provide. You can find more information on how residents can engage with C&C and make a difference to our services here.

We monitor our customer satisfaction to ensure that we are offering our residents an exemplary service in line with their aspirations. Our Resident Engagement team contact 50 residents a month and the feedback received is collated in a monthly Customer Satisfaction report. A summary of these findings will be published via this page shortly. 



We always aim to be helpful, efficient and to deliver our resident services right the first time. However, we know there are times you may not be happy or you may want to make a suggestion about how we can improve. We want to correct our mistakes quickly and always seek to enhance our service delivery. As part of this, your feedback - comments, complaints and suggestions - are important to us.

Please refer to our feedback page for more information on the process.


Complaints Reporting

From Quarter 3 2018 we will be providing reporting four times a year to our residents on complaints received for each quarterly period. This will be published on this page.


In Quarter 1 2019 / 20 we received 7 stage 1 complaints of which 4 related to Repairs, 2 Finance & Income and 1 for Housing.

Stage 1 complaints


Of the 4 that related to Repairs, 2 were not upheld and 2 upheld. The area they related to are indicated below:

Repairs stage 1

The one complaint for housing was in relation to Staff conduct and Attitude.  This was not upheld. 


Of the 2 Finance & Income Stage 1 complaints, both were upheld.  The area they relate to are indicated below:

Finance and Income stage 1


Financial Year 2017 - 2018

73 complaints were registered with us in the 2017-2018 financial year. Below we explain what trends we saw and how C&C has responded to them.


Graphs showing 2017-2018 complaints data


C&C Direct has been introduced. Over half of our complaints received related to our assets, repairs & maintenance and associated services. A large number of these complaints were regarding slow response to repairs, particularly water and heating. We listened to our residents and responded by providing a new in-house repairs service; C&C Direct. This has allowed our team to improve the service and quality of workmanship we offer to our residents. We also encourage our team to ‘See it, Fix it’ and complete any other minor repairs they find whilst on site, avoiding repeat visits. To further develop our service, the C&C Direct team will work closely with our residents through the Service Development Panel and our resident Roadshows.

A new Asset Management strategy has been introduced. We acknowledge that in the financial year 2017 - 2018 a number of our residents experienced service disruption for which we are truly sorry. Our new Asset Management strategy launched in 2018 provides a better planned approach to the management and upgrading of our properties. We have and will continue to focus our investment on the things that we know matter the most to our residents, including heating and plumbing.


Graphs showing 2017-2018 complaints data


Introducing Service Hub to improve communication channels between residents and C&C. A number of complaints across all areas of our service related to communication breakdowns between residents and staff. Since the end of the 2017 – 2018 financial year we have taken our first steps towards introducing our new resident concierge service, Service Hub. Service Hub will create a single point of contact for all resident enquiries. This will improve the quality of C&C customer care, as well as ensuring that our response is always consistent.

Reducing the anti-social behaviour. A large number of the environmental complaints we received were around anti-social behaviour amongst residents. We are committed to understanding residents’ ongoing experience with us and the careful monitoring and management of safety matters. All of our housing staff have been fully trained in managing and monitoring anti-social behaviour issues.

Improving our management of complaints. Since the end of the 2017 – 2018 financial year the team managing the complaints process has changed to the Service Hub. The Service Hub team have reviewed all existing complaints and ensured that everything we have received has been addressed appropriately.

If you have any concerns or further questions about our complaints process please contact us on our main switchboard 020 7922 5300 and ask for the Service Hub complaints team.