Asbestos surveys


If your home was built before the year 2000, we will, at some stage, be required to carry out an asbestos survey, either to support planned works or repairs or to collect data on asbestos materials in your home.

Asbestos-containing materials can be found in properties built before this date. It is important to note they do not present a risk to health whilst in situ and in good condition. However, if they are disturbed or damaged during works, this can cause asbestos fibres to be released.

Therefore, for both your and our safety, asbestos surveys are required before certain types of work are carried out in your property. These surveys are specific to the work carried out and ensure that any potential materials that could be impacted by the works are identified so action can be taken if necessary.

If you are contacted by an asbestos surveyor to arrange a survey, this means a survey is required before scheduled work to your home can be carried out. This could be for example, before a kitchen or bathroom replacement. It is important the surveyor is able to carry out their assessment to ensure the scheduled works to your home are not delayed.

You will be contacted by phone and/or email to arrange an appointment. If they do not hear from you, they will leave a calling card at your home so you can make contact to arrange an appointment on a day and time that suits you.

We are also carrying out a programme of asbestos management surveys in all our homes. These surveys aim to identify all visible asbestos materials and will help support most day-to-day works completed in your home. However, sometimes, additional surveys may still be required where more intrusive works are required.

If you have any queries or concerns about asbestos in your home then please call the Service Hub on 020 7922 5300.

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