Primrose Hill arts trail set for second annual event


Residents at Oldfield Estate in Primrose Hill are among those budding artists whose creations will be on display at this year’s second annual Primrose Hill Arts Trail.

The event, which takes place around several streets in the Primrose Hill area, returns this Sunday (13 June) following a successful debut event last year.

Professional and amateur artists will be displaying their works between 2-7pm, with the lawn outside Jacqueline House – the largest of the three C&C buildings which make up Oldfield Estate – set to be transformed into a huge temporary gallery of art for the duration of the event.

One of the Oldfield residents who will be proudly displaying their work is Bob Ellis-Hawke (pictured).

“Everybody who is anybody involved with arts and sculptures will be displaying something on Sunday,” Bob explained. “I put out nearly 20 pictures last year, and people walk around the whole of Primrose Hill looking at the different art. I believe a few thousand attended last year’s trail.

“We’ll be putting on a bit of music as well, as I play the saxophone and flute. It’s a nice social occasion, more than anything, and I’m sure there’ll be a few drinks!”

The event is being hosted by the Primrose Hill Community Association. Artists wishing to display their work at the event can register via the Association’s website.

Local residents, including C&C residents at the Oldfield Estate and in the surrounding areas near Primrose Hill can attend the event for free; but are recommended to visit the website first to register and download the online map which will show where the art is to be displayed.

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