RESIDENT BLOG: Coping with loneliness and isolation with the help of Zoom


I have always been independent, kept busy and do various activities from walking a couple of miles a day to doing an exercise class. But when the lockdown began, everything had to go online and I found myself doing my exercise classes via Zoom, which I had never done before. I found the online classes are of a high standard and this has helped me cope during the lockdown when feeling lonely and isolated. The online exercise classes have also helped with my mobility and have been great for my mind and for my overall health.

I had faced difficulties during the lockdown as I am very vulnerable health-wise and sometimes, I did find myself feeling low.  Whenever I felt like this, I’d listen to some music or podcasts. The online activities were of benefit, and to further help with self-motivation, I’d meditate, and this is great for mind, body and soul.

What has also helped me during this difficult time is my love for nature. I have house plants on my windowsills, and they give me so much joy and pleasure. My passion for nature is great for my mental and emotional well-being.

I also attended the Zoom art classes, which I loved. Art is one of my long-standing passions and I have been an art critic, writing reviews for the South Asian Diaspora. I would write reviews on art exhibitions that were held at the National Art Gallery along with appreciating works of art too. I have my favourite artists such as Rembrandt, more well known for The Nights Watch; David Hockney, known for his contribution for the pop art movement in the 1960s; and John Constable, renowned for his landscape mainly of the Suffolk countryside. There are also many talented Indian artists whose artwork I enjoy. Art style or taste is very personal, and what I enjoy can be different from what someone else enjoys or loves.

With the Covid-19 pandemic closing all non-essential places, art galleries and museums alike, I do miss visiting them. However, with the beauty of technology and encouragement, I can still view art exhibitions online and do my reviews.

Anuradha Datta (aka Rita), Ada Court, Maida Vale

C&C is supporting residents manage loneliness and isolation during this Winter with tips and advice from other residents and groups on keeping safe, warm and connected. Visit for more.

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